The Nunchucks Dual Overdrive Distortion is a Mosfet powered dual overdrive pedal inspired by vintage drive circuits of the 1970’s. There is vintage mojo in abundance with this impedance sensitive beast. Different pickups will deliver a vast pallet of drive tones to your fingertips and earholes!

“The Nunchucks cleans up beautifully with your guitar volume knob.”


Buffers Beware – just like our beloved vintage fuzz’s, input buffers, hot or active pickups can create beautiful bombastic saggy drive tones in the Nuchucks. If dynamics are your vibe, place the Nunchucks before your buffer.

Drive 1 (right side) is a low-gain, high-headroom boost ranging from crystal clean to gritty overdrive.

Drive 2 (left side) has more gain on tap enabling you to push your signal from gritty overdrives to thick distortion.

Independently switchable (true bypass) you can flick between drives for alternate gain staging or stack them for rich dynamic drive. Use Drive 1 to push Drive 2 and take it anywhere from Distortion to Fuzzy Wonderland!

The Nunchucks is designed to be used with both Guitar and Bass Guitars, but don’t let that limit you. You’re free to experiment. There are no rules…. Except this one: Play it loud!!!

Controls – Drive 1


High headroom master volume.


Dialled back gets you crystal clean chime. Cranked up, increases harmonics and gives you attack and grit on the notes edge, dynamic and cleans up beautifully.

Controls – Drive 2


High headroom master volume.


Gives you even more crunchy goodness. Cranked up pushes into amp-like overdrive / distortion.


Shifts the midrange and treble frequencies. Dime the tone wide open when played into an edge of breakup dirty amp for full midrange and clarity.


Low Frequency switch *down* allows full bass response (excellent for bass guitar as well).With the switch *up* engages a light high pass filter that tightens up the low end. Helpful for hot pickups, cranked amps and big 4×12 cabs.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 8 cm
Pedal Dimensions

9 x 12 x 4 cm

Circuit Type

Discrete Transistor

Power Supply Voltage

9 Volts DC, Centre Negative