About us

Electron Brothers started a few years ago with three tinkerers who got serious about crafting great pedals. Friends since before the dawn of time – well, the 90s anyway! – We (Jono, Michael and Michael) decided that our combined backgrounds in Electronics and Military Avionics, coupled with a common obsession with the pursuit of beautiful guitar tone could turn our collective tinkering into something…louder.

Electron Brothers Business meeting 😉

Not quite knowing exactly where to begin, we decided to keep a simple question at the centre of everything we make – Does the world need to hear this?

Plenty of other questions popped up in the creative process, but unless that central question could be answered with a resounding ”Yes!”, none of the others mattered. That’s still the case. Making great pedals is hard – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but it’s impossible until that central question is answered.

We are musicians who hang around musicians, jamming, gigging, talking about tone and gear and the musicians whose creations bring us to life and make our existence an experience. Our aim is to never stop asking the question.

Rosie the Electron Sausage testing early prototypes of the Brass Knuckle and the 228 Pre